Who Am I?

dsc00030In late 2005/early 2006, my brother and I had entered the world of Palm pilots and iPods.  He told me he had heard that Apple was coming out with a phone.  I quickly jumped online and googled iPhone and much to my surprise there was a wealth of information about this rumored device.  I began reading anything I could find on the topic and followed the rumors/updates all the way to the release of the iPhone (yes, I own one, and yes, I love it).  During that time I also started reading other articles from websites like TechCrunch, CrunchGear, Technorati, Read/Write Web, Lifehacker, and others.  I couldn’t believe all the information that was out there.  I signed up for these things so called “private betas” and began trying out new web services.  I started using these things called RSS feeds through Google Reader.  I couldn’t get enough.  My mornings were/are filled with the consumption of rumors, and unboxings, and coverage of new websites and gadgets.

Flash forward to 2009 and I am still filling my head with all this “tech” information regarding mobile phones, social networks, social media, web sites that aggregate data, and so on and so on.  And, as the time has passed, I’ve developed opinions on the topics.  iTechMo is now the depository for all this information.  My plan is to cover tech news from the everyday user standpoint.  The question I will ask myself when writing these articles is, “How can this be used in everyday life?”

I’m not necessarily an authority on tech matters.  I generally skip over anything that discusses specs or code or all that behind the scenes stuff.  I just want to know, “Is this something that will make my life easier?”  And, if so, it’s worth sharing with the masses.

My background is in education.  I graduated from the University of North Florida with a B.A.E in Secondary English Education.  My hope was to teach middle school  and write during my summers off.  Through a series of events, life, I realized that although I love educating kids, I didn’t want it to be my daily grind.  So, I took an office job and started in the rat race.  I also fell in love with a wonderful woman, got married, and am about to celebrate my 5th wedding anniversary with my wife and our 2 year old son.  We live in Clearwater, Florida.  I’m now working in a cubicle as a Risk Analyst and still hoping that one day writing will pay the bills.

So stay tuned.  It should be a fun ride.  We’ll start with the stuff I use daily and then work our way to the new stuff that could become stuff I use daily.

Author: Rob Vanasco

I am a Christ follower, but sometimes not a very good one. I am a husband, and working on getting better. I am a father, sometimes reluctantly. I am an aspiring writer, but have been lazy about pursuing my dream. So, this is me, doing something about it, searching for my real passion; my real dream. I am now in full pursuit of my dream to make a living with words.

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