2.1 Released

On Friday I received an email from announcing the recent updates to their service.  As you recall, is a social convergence tool that allows users to aggregate their social media data to one central command center.  Here is an outline of the recent updates straight from the’s mouth:

Dashboard. You have a new Dashboard which shows you an overview of what has been happening around your .mp site. There are four widgets that both display and link to recent activity in Contacts, Content, Personas and the Community. You can also update and push your status out to your Twitter and Facebook accounts from this screen.

Contact Management. We have completely revamped the user interface for contact management! Now it is much simpler to manage your contacts.

We have added features which include sorting and filtering your contacts by persona, tags, saved searches or regular search and performing group actions on those searches. For example, if you want to assign all of your Twitter contacts to your public persona, you can do this with just a few clicks.

Our suggestion engine will also look through your contacts to determine if you have duplicate entries for one contact. For example, @johnsmith on twitter might be the same as John Smith from gmail and is also a contact from Outlook, so you now have an easy way to join those three entries into one!

The contacts screen also displays a list of your recently added contacts, choose this link, and you will be able to invite, assign, tag, merpicture-11ge or delete them from your address book. Managing your contacts from across the Web is now easy to do. Do not forget that your contacts can also be exported from your .mp site back to your computer.

Push Site Updates to Twitter and Facebook. Notify your selected contacts when you add new photos or write a new blog post! As you upload photos or blog content, you have the option to push a notification to your Facebook Newsfeed and/or your Twitter status.

Domain Alias. Point your other domains to by creating an alias to your .mp with CNAME records. Just look in Settings->Domain Aliases.

The updates seem very nice and I especially like the idea of being able to select which services I send status updates to.  I don’t always want my facebook friends seeing what updates I send out to my twitter followers.

One issue I am having is with the contact manager.  When fooling around with the original release of I mistakenly added my twitter contacts twice. offers the ability to merge contacts, however when I try to do that, I get an error message, “FRAK!”  And, while I don’t mind deleting contacts manually, there is no easy way to “select all.”

Another feature which I may have missed before is’s use of OpenID for logging in.  I look forward to seeing what other services and features they add.  As I have stated before, the idea of being able to create multiple persona from one space is very attractive.  However, in order to do that effectively, they need to offer the ability to add as many content services as possible.  So far, they offer Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, and the photo and blogging services from itself.

I would like to see LinkedIn added as well as Tumblr and other related services.

I have 4 invites left to if anyone wants to give it a try.  Contact me through Twitter or leave a comment below.

Author: Rob Vanasco

I am a Christ follower, but sometimes not a very good one. I am a husband, and working on getting better. I am a father, sometimes reluctantly. I am an aspiring writer, but have been lazy about pursuing my dream. So, this is me, doing something about it, searching for my real passion; my real dream. I am now in full pursuit of my dream to make a living with words.

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