Google Launches Add-On Store For Google Docs


Google today announced the launch of its add-on store for Google Docs’ spreadsheet and word processor apps. The store, which resembles the Chrome Web Store in its design, currently features about 20 add-ons, with more coming in the near future.

According to Google, the idea here is to provide users with new tools that will given them access to more features — especially features that aren’t currently available through Google’s own products.

One of today’s launch partners is Avery Label Merge, which allows you to merge Google spreadsheet data into Avery address labels. Another tool that clearly extends Google Docs’ functionality is EasyBib’s Bibliography Creator, which now makes Google Docs a far better choice for students who have to spend their days wrangling with the MLA, APA and Chicago Manual of Style citation formats. Other launch partners include Mailchimp, which lets you send customized emails from Google Docs…

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